Live with AI is an independent think tank initiated in Singapore



•  Live with AI gathers 50 thought leaders from France and Singapore, all believing AI will impact our society positively and contribute to accelerate our human development. 

What we do


A global program led by two major tech nations driving the regional economic agenda


We investigate human’s need, expectation, maturity, and fears towards the rise of Artificial Intelligence in partnership with Universities and management schools.


We educate citizens with accessible content about major society's positive impacts the rise of Artificial intelligence will occur to demystify the debate.


We gather a community of key opinion leaders engaged to anticipate a better life with AI, to help our society lead the change and to take action with human-centered initiatives

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Our Board Members

  • Pierre RobinetPierre Robinet
  • Kevyn YongKevyn Yong
  • Arno PonsArno Pons
  • Ayesha KhannaAyesha Khanna
  • Francis MorelFrancis Morel
  • Jean DrouffeJean Drouffe
  • King WangKing Wang
  • Franck MartinsFranck Martins
  • Celine le CotonnecCeline le Cotonnec
  • Leo CostesLeo Costes
  • Olivier SichelOlivier Sichel
  • Eleonore AlesiEleonore Alesi
  • Damien KoppDamien Kopp
  • Veronique VentosVeronique Ventos
  • David MarchesseauDavid Marchesseau
  • Yves PoilaneYves Poilane
  • Steve LeonardSteve Leonard
  • Venkat SINVenkat SIN
  • Syafiqah SyedSyafiqah Syed
  • Eric Saint AndreEric Saint Andre
  • Raphael BouzyRaphael Bouzy
  • Thomas JestinThomas Jestin
  • Emmanuelle CoulonEmmanuelle Coulon
  • Hyowon LeeHyowon Lee
  • Jerome MonceauxJerome Monceaux
  • Talel AbdessalemTalel Abdessalem
  • Karine LespinasseKarine Lespinasse
  • Greg ExpertonGreg Experton
  • Fabien ClavierFabien Clavier
  • Ethan PierseEthan Pierse
  • Mounir MokhtariMounir Mokhtari
  • Albert AntoineAlbert Antoine
  • Alban VillaniAlban Villani
  • Nicolas MiailheNicolas Miailhe
  • Damien GromierDamien Gromier
  • Stephane BressanStephane Bressan
  • Jen Baptiste FautunJen Baptiste Fautun
  • Florian DouetteauFlorian Douetteau

Our Partners

  • Les EchosLes Echos
  • La French TechLa French Tech
  • Digital New DealDigital New Deal
  • SGinnovateSGinnovate
We are very proud to participate in such an initiative, that offers a forward-thinking point of view on AI and contributes to bringing a positive mindset to decision makers
Délégué général Digital New Deal Foundation

Artificial intelligence has been created by human intelligence – This becomes a tremendous resource for humanity that we all need to understand and leverage in order to impact positively our society and empower humans. We all need to live with AI.

― Pierre ROBINET
Vice Président Ogilvy RED
I am very supportive of this “Live for AI” initiative as this is key for Les Échos to bring our audience a practical understanding of the impact AI will occur to their business. Les Échos has decided to set a great editorial initiative about AI and business, “AI for Business”. In 2018, we will explain all year long, the relations between our readers’ businesses and AI. And Singapore is a fantastic applied research laboratory which will help us explaining to our readers how to implement new AI technologies and make their business grow in a better way.
― Francis MOREL
Les ECHOS President

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