Advanced Manufacturing: an opportunity to define purpose-driven organisations

The rise of AI helps moving industry 4.0 value to new heights

Industrial production must adapt to “mass personalization”, fast product innovation, strong price competition, stricter compliance and higher quality requirements. Industries must use the comprehensive set of Industry 4.0’s technology solutions to think engineering, production, IT and business as systems to shorten cycle times, improve products quality and manufacture customized products on a global scale. AI is already at the heart of that industry and business revolution, bringing the next level of automation and effectiveness, from “Things-to-Action”.

Imagine the system of an Intelligent Enterprise which anticipates failures of equipment, has full visibility on various spare parts inventories, monitors the whole transportation journey, understands the manufacturer’s equipment maintenance modus operandi and can check technicians’ availability for new work order internally and externally, all in real time and autonomously, taking decisions based on cost, time, or customer satisfaction.

This article has been written on Medium by David Marchesseau and Pierre Robinet.
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