We Need To Reinvent Civic Education For The AI Future

With the potential applications of AI increasing each day, it is our duty to think about the positive effect this technology can have on our daily lives. The intersection of humans and machines will be at the very core of this new world, creating a new kind of society. The rise of AI constitutes a fantastic opportunity for societies throughout the world, and especially for
future generations, who will grow up in harmony with these new technologies.

About civic education

Soon after the French Revolution, the two statesmen Talleyrand and Condorcet posited the importance of educating students in their rights and duties. This citizen involvement continues today, with two major goals. Firstly, it aims to empower people to become aware of the impact they can have on political life, for instance by understanding institutional processes and
recognizing their rights. Secondly, its purpose is to get people to understand the significance of community and the role each and every individual should play in it.

A working knowledge of democracy, and more importantly an understanding, are essential to its continuity. It is an objective OECD has set as its mission: educating students in democracy and public institutions so they become fully engaged citizens. Civic education is taught in all nations; therefore, its purpose and the way it is put into practice differs from one country to another. While citizenship is highly supported by parents’ education in some eastern countries such as Japan, civic education is still very much supported by schools in Western countries.Nonetheless, the consequences of globalization, including migration of peoples and homogenization of cultural practices, have led us to view citizenship in global terms today.

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